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The John F. Kennedy PT109 Boat with Real Steam Engine

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PT109 boat small

PT109 Small Tin Boat Reproduction
Dimensions: 5.25" X 2.5" X 1.75"
Engine Dimensions: 2" X 1.25"
Available Colors: Military Green (Model# HH111) or Yellow (Model# HH110)
Price: $17.00

PT109 boat large

PT Large Tin Boat Reproduction
Dimensions: 9.5" X 4.0" X 3"
Engine dimensions: 3.9" X 2"
Available Colors: Military Green (Model# HH113) or Yellow (Model# HH112)
Price: $32.00

PT109 boat engine

The large PT109 boats have the largest Putt-Putt engine ever made. The engine in this boat is larger that the Putt-Putt boats made in Japan before WWII. The size of the entire boat was just over 2.5" long. Both boats, the 2.5" and the 9.5", use the same technology for their propulsion.The PT109 baots are a must have collectors item. The original boat in the background is for comparision and measures 5.5" long.

The Fate of the PT109

From the Naval Historical Archives

August 2, 1943
"As hereinbefore set out, PTs 162 and 109 of Division B with PT 169 of Division A were in Blackett Strait off Vanga Vanga, as was PT 157, which however, was not in contact with them. Around 0215 the three were due East of Gizo Island headed South, in right echelon formation with PT 109 leading, PT 162 second and PT 169 last. PT 162 saw on a collision course, a warship headed Northward about 700 yards away. The PT 162 turned to fire its torpedoes, but they did not fire. The PT 162 finally turned to the Southwest upon getting within 100 yards of the warship, to avoid collision. Personnel aboard the PT 162 saw 2 raked stacks, and at least 2 turrets aft, and possibly a third turret. At the time of turning, PT 109 was seen to collide with the warship, followed by an explosion and a large flame which died down a little, but continued to burn for 10 or 15 minutes. The warship when it was about 3000 yards away headed toward them at high speed. The PT 169 stopped just before the warship hit PT 109, turned toward it and fired two torpedoes when abeam at 150 yards range. The destroyer straddled the PT 169 with shell fire, just after it a collision with PT 109, and then circled left toward Gizo Island at increased speed and disappeared."

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