The Science of Steamboats Classroom Kit

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What does displacement have to do with ships?

How do steam boilers work?

What is needed for clean combustion?

What makes a fuel efficient?

Why do ships sink?

Science Teacher

The Science of Steamboats Classroom Kit includes six simple and fun experiments that answers these questions and more! Students literally get their hands wet. The students use control variables to demonstrate a variety of physics properties such as energy conversion, fuel efficiencies, and vessel hull displacement. Students are challenged with developing conclusions and applying the theories to real world solutions. Each experiment details setup, measuring, procedures, and facts about the demonstrated physics.

In accordance with the National Science Education Standards, the lessons place the students experience at the center of the learning structure. Since students learn and retain more when there is a hands on learning environment, this instructional kit places the student's hands on the lesson. The conclusions the students arrive at will form a solid foundation in real world applications.

Kit Contents:

Instruction Guide
7 PuttPutt Original Steamboats
7 Fuel Trays with Wick Clips
Wicking Material
30 PuttPutt Fuel Cells
42 Large 7.7 gram Weights
35 Medium 4.5 gram Weights
42 Small 2.0 gram Weights

Ages 10 to Adult

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Science Teacher

Item # HH700 $75.00

Also available packaged for 1 student
Student Pack Contains:
1 - Instruction Guide
1 - PuttPutt Original Steamboat
1 - Fuel Tray with Wick Clip
1 - Wicking Material
6 - PuttPutt Fuel Cells
Item # HH115 $16.00

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