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This is our newest addition to the PuttPutt Boats product line. Collectors know quality when they see it. The Cruiser and Tug has the most colorful lithographic job of any tin boat. These large cruisers are as pretty as they get. Back in the 40s, manufacturers could not have made these beautiees. We have three models to choose from. All the cruisers have the large PuttPutt engine and are 9-1/2 long, 4 wide, by 2 tall. It has a large boiler and a rudder.

PuttPutt Cruser Pink Deck

PuttPutt Super Uncle Sam Tug Boat

The details on the decks pop out at you. The red rail around the deck include the posts for holding up the rail. The life ring has a strap holding the ring to the side of the cruiser. The light looks like it was pried off a roadster from the 1940's. No detail has been overlooked.

When ordering use the correct part number:
Super Uncle Same Tug HH118 $42.50 each
Super Cruiser White HH119 $32.00 each
Super Cruiser White HH120 $32.00 each
Super Cruiser White HH121 $32.00 each

Remember, we have a limited quantity and all orders are filled in the order they are received.

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