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Several of our resellers have recently reported excellent sales at fistivals, fairs, and flea markets. How did they end up putting $300.00 to $700.00 cash in their pockets each day? What does it cost to start selling these hot selling steam powered boats? Is there any way to predict how many boats could be sold at a fair or festival?

Most fairs, festivals, and flea markets rent space to vendors. Booths are usually about 10 feet square in size. This is enough space for a 8 foot table, a few chairs, and inventory. The cost of the booths range between $20.00 a day up to $4,000.00 for 5 days. These prices are set by the show organizers based on the number of attendees and how much the average attendee spends at the event. Some wise advise here... The only vendors that make money when the booth cost is more than $500.00 are the food vendors and the show organizers. The rest loose big time.... the next biggest sucker... type stuff. Shows that charge between $20.00 and $125.00 per day are the best bets. Also, choose event that are 2-3 days long. Any longer and nobody shows up until the last 3 days anyway. If you have a choice of location at the show, choose a corner booth.

Now that you have secured a location at the show, its time to prepare. The first step is to decide on a mood or format. Find some interesting items such as a boats bell, captians hat, or other such items. Layout the booth and test it with some friends.

The PuttPutt Boats display system is the best way to display the PuttPutt Boats product line. The display system is capible of of holding about $450.00 in product merchandise and there is a module for running the boat in water.

These boats are eye and ear catching movers. You can expect to sell out in a matter of days! Just fill the display basin with water, start the steamboat's boiler, and watch the boats move out the door.

The steamships/steamboats have been moving in many types of locations such as hobby shops, toy stores, science stores, gift and museum shops, steam engine shows and boat shows. These steamboat's spark the interest of young and old alike.The putting and popping these boats make, as they move through the water, entices all who come near! Interested? Here is our dealer application.

Our performance to deliver products is first class. We monitor inventories and the supply chain for all our products to keep products in stock at all times. Dealers enjoy discounts that exceed most other products on the retail shelf. The products have a simple guarantee, if they work they will stay sold, if the product has a problem we will replace it promptly. We also take care of the consummer in the same manner. Call or email us to receive your dealer pricing.

PuttPutt Boats Display System

The new PuttPutt boat display system is designed to optimally display the PuttPutt boats in an area of about 24" around. The middle tier in the display system has a plastic basin that is watertight. This basin is big enough to hold one of the smaller boats "putting" around. To see a full view picture click here.

Hilgart Holdings is a family run business. Although we have many years of experience running our other businesses, we feel the import business is a big step into an expanding market. This is a very exciting time for us. We hope you will share in our excitement. Looking forward, we wish to retain your continued patronage and provide you with a pleasurable experience. We will, in turn, provide you with first class products and services that you will be able to count on while growing your business.

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