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Display System

The PuttPutt boat display system is a simple to install and stock display system designed specificlly to show the PuttPutt steamboats. It consists of 4 tiers. The top tier is an 8-peg hub. The next tier down is a round 2.5" deep watertight basin large enough for a boat to "PuttPutt" around in. The bottom two tiers are the same as the top tier, consisting of an 8-peg 4" hub with each peg being 8" long. This display is shown with a 22" wire base. The current model ships with a white 17" plastic base is available. The overall height is 68" which includes the 8" PuttPutt Boats logo sign.

PuttPutt Boat Display System

PuttPutt Boat Display System $59.75
Optional 17" Plastice Base $9.25
Shipping - UPS Gound $12.00

Jumbo Tug Putt Putt Boat Kit
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The Science of Steamboats Student Kit