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Diagram of PuttPutt Boat Operation

Water in the boiler is heated until water begins forming steam bubbles. The steam bubbles form as a snap or pop expanding rapidly. Steam by volume is 1600 times more than the water it was composed of before the change of phase.

Diagram of PuttPutt Boat Operation

The motion is started by the formation, or snap of the bubbles (phase change of water into steam). This pushes the water out the tubs in the back of the boat.

The tube exit orifice coefficient is higher in exhaust part of the cycle than in the entry of the water. Also important is that the front of the boat is designed to move through the water easily and the rear of the boat does not allow movement through the water because of the square back.

If you are interested in a science project demonstrating steam power in action, go to the Science of Steamboats Kit page.

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