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Original Steam "Putt Putt" Boats
A timeless tin toy loved by kids of all ages since the 1920's.
Actual steam powered.

Model HH003 - List Price $7.50


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Litho Jumbo Tug "Putt Putt" Boat
Model HH004 - List Price $17.00

Kalakala Ferry Steam "Putt Putt" Boat
Model HH005 - List Price $16.00

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Attention Science Educators!!! ... Steam Physics!!!

Demonstrate the physics of steam with this little boat.
Universities across America are using these in their physics labs to demonstrate mechanics of steam power. A favorite toy of kids in the 1920s and '30s, the Putt Putt Steamboat is actual driven by steam power, using a small flame. It will chug along for hours on only a few drops of olive oil!

A collectors reproduction toy
This wonderful little toy was invented in 1891 by an English gentleman. Early in the 1900's toy companies in the U.S. and worldwide began making steam-powered tin boats based on his design. The tooling for our steam boat originated in Japan and after WWII was relocated to India, where they have been made since.

Putt Putt Boat Dealer Information

With the aid of your operating display you can expect to sell out in a matter of days! Just fill your display pan with water, start the steamboat running, and watch your customers flock to the little marvel.

The boats have been selling excellently for $7.50 in such diverse locations as hobby shops, kite shops, toy stores, science stores, gift and museum shops, steam engine shows and boat shows. The steam boat's greatest appeal is to folks who loved them in their childhood. The magic of the toy simply delights all who see and hear it putting and popping!
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