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Putt-Putt Titanic Steamship

Putt Putt Titanic Steamship
A tin steamship loved by people of all ages since the 1920's.
Propelled by a internal steam boiler.

Price $40.00

The Titanic has arrived and is only available through this offer.


A collectors reproduction
The toy steam boat was invented in 1891 by an English gentleman. Early in the 1900's toy companies in the U.S. and worldwide began making steam-powered tin boats based on his design. This Titanic Steamship is a new design.

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Attention Science Educators!!! ... Steam Physics!!!

Demonstrate the physics of steam with this steamship.
Universities across America are using these in their physics labs to demonstrate mechanics of steam power. A favorite toy of kids in the 1920s and '30s, the Putt Putt Steamboat is actual driven by steam power, using a small flame. It will chug along for hours on only a few drops of olive oil!

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