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Tug boats are part of the American heritage on the major rivers, the Great Lakes, and ocean ports. Tugs provide essential services to get large ocean liners, freighters, and barges in and out of dock safely. Tugs also provide lively hoods for those who serve on board. The National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors is a good resource for coming to know the people, the tugs, and the stories of those who have served aboard tugs.

The Jumbo Tug "Putt-Putt" Boat

Jumbo Tug Boat Putt Putt Boat
Jumbo Tug Model #HH004 $16.00

Jumbo Tug Boat Information

Harbor Tug Boat PuttPutt Boat
Litho Harbor Tug Model #HH002 $14.00

The Litho Harbor Tug Boat Information

These Tug boats have forward propulsion caused by steam flashing(pulsing) in the boiler and pushing water out of tubes at the rear of the boat. The steam is generated by a heat source, a candle, heating water in the boiler to the flash point. When the flash point is exceeded the steam expands and pushes water in the tubes out pushing the boat forward. When the flash of steam is exahusted the water condenses and refills the boiler with water. As the boiler becomes hotter the cycles of flash and condense increases and the boat goes faster. These cycles will continue as long as heat is applied to the boiler.

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